About Doug Clark Class

Utah native, Doug Clark, has an enthusiasm for life and a passion for helping others. He attended the University of Utah on a full- ride academic scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economics and Science. After graduation, Doug had a change of mind and decided to pursue a career in the sky. After enrolling in aviation school he was soon offered a job as a commercial airline pilot. Doug excelled at flying and soon became an ATP rated pilot and First Captain, however, he wasn’t fulfilled and wanted more. That is when Doug first invested in real estate. He continued to work as a pilot part-time, nevertheless, continuing to pursue real estate, which led to the start of his two companies by 2005: Equity Capital Group and Clark Venture Capital.

About Doug Clark ClassDoug noticed what a huge difference real estate made to his life, such as, he no longer struggled to make ends meet, he enjoyed what he did, and he had more time to spend with his family. That is when Doug decided he wanted to help others change their lives through real estate as well. He took his background, skill-set, and knowledge of the real estate business to his friends, co-pilots, and anyone with a question about how to get started; he helped anyone who asked. Soon after, Doug’s energetic personality caught the eye of a few TV producers and he was offered to star in his own show on Spike TV called, Flip Men, and the hit ABC show, Big Money.
Doug’s passion has led him from struggling financially, to success. Doug wakes up excited to go to work everyday. Doug has been featured in major media stations, such as, Nightline, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, AOL Real Estate, AOL Canada, Yahoo Real Estate, Inman News, RealtyTrac, Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, and Examiner, just to name a few.

Doug continually strives to help others who are interested in investing in real estate learn how possible it is. Doug has helped develop an education course that specializes in helping others get started in the housing industry. To learn more about these Doug Clark classes check out Dougclarkevents.com.

Although Doug has done a lot, his greatest fulfillment in life is raising his two amazing young children. Doug’s passion for life has also led him to become a professional martial arts instructor and he currently wears a black belt in ju-jitsu. He is also an avid scuba diver, professional instructor, and dive master. Doug Clark does a little bit of everything, however, what he is most animated about is educating others how to reach financial freedom by investing smart in the real estate industry.

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